E-Commerce Giants
Head Down Under


E-Commerce Giants Head Down Under – How Can Australian Retailers Survive and Thrive?

Australian retailers have historically been insulated from global e-commerce giants. Yet, global online-only players are now set to change the landscape. How will the retail sector fare as these competitors enter the fray?

Based on experience working with retailers in markets that have already experienced similar disruption, as well as Australian market dynamics, Mastercard Advisors has developed a playbook of practical strategies for local retailers to survive and thrive in the changing retail environment.

In this white paper, Kamal Parida and Vib Prasad from Advisors’ Retail & Commerce Vertical outline a 5-step approach for Australian retailers to win amid growing competition from online-only players. The report also digs into how Australian shopping preferences are changing through market research, and explores how local retailers are evolving through an interview with a leading Australian retailer, conducted by Richard Wormwald, Division President Australasia, Mastercard.