The 2017 Digital
Wallet Study


Digital wallet engagement helps drive higher usage with the card product.

  • The average digital wallet user spends 22.5% more in the first four months after adopting a digital wallet, and frequent users of a digital wallet spend more than double that of non-wallet users.
  • 90% of the lift in spend following the adoption of a digital wallet can be attributed to spend on traditional plastic cards (POS and e-commerce), which means digital wallet adoption encouraged more overall card engagement.

Spend among digital wallet users is concentrated at merchants in the Everyday Spend category (groceries, restaurants) and Travel and Entertainment.

The majority of digital wallet users fall into high-value consumer segments, i.e. those with greater spend volume, frequency, and merchant category breadth. These segments represent some of the highest value cardholders in a portfolio.

Digital wallets could provide a pathway for issuers to engage high-value or affluent cardholders, or to re-engage secondary card-in-wallet users.