Omnishopper 2017 articulates the voice of the consumer across 11 countries. The second year of the exclusive shopper research project shows that the disruptive changes unsettling retailers are very simply tied to changes in consumer behavior. The consumer of today is hyperconnected; networked to the point at which linear predictability has been replaced by an energy of connections, constantly morphing. This requires a new definition of consumers and new strategies to maintain relationships with them. Analysis of the Omnishopper data shows that companies don’t have relationships with the consumer — they have relationships with their network.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORTS NOW for immediate access to exclusive analysis and raw data about the Omnishopper. The first wave of content will be followed by a series of reports that recommends changes to retail marketing strategies, infographics, analysis of country-specific trends and key insights into shopper loyalty. It will extend access to Omnishopper data into 2017 with real-time updates.

Immediate access reports:

Complete Omnishopper 2017 Portfolio
This report is sectioned and customizable for presentation purposes. It is a complete profile of shopper research; a thorough look at the shopper behavior that is changing retail.

Executive Summary
Omnishopper 2017 is a condensed text and graphic treatment of Mastercard’s 11-country report. Among the findings: shoppers are researching, comparing and buying through technology at surprising rates. And, they differ by age segments and retail sector.

The Five Drivers Of Consumer Transformation
Register before December 1 to receive these reports plus The Five Drivers Of Consumer Transformation, an expert analysis of the Omnishopper data that details how behaviors such as research, technology, segment behavior, channel preference and the experience economy are driving changes at retail.

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